About Us


The mandate of the Windsor International Writers Conference is based one premise: that all peoples and nations have the right and obligation to preserve their history, art, culture and books for future generations.

Based on that premise, the WIWC makes every endeavor in their conferences to promote the craft of writing and advancing skills in accuracy and properly researching a story; using ethics and morals when writing; and taking care to preserve the dignity of any culture, heritage, or group of people.

The WIWC is also dedicated to helping all children to become the best writers they can be.

The Windsor International Writers Conference Steering Committee

Chairperson: Pamela Goldstein: Amherstburg, ON
Co-Chairperson: Barbara Zarzosa
Treasurer: Amanda Gellman: Windsor Centre Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts
Tracy Beckerman: New Jersey
Marty Gervais: Poet Laureate/ professor University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
Veronique Mandel: St. Clair College, Windsor, ON
Sohan Koonar: Windsor ON
Gordon Kirkland: Vancouver, BC
Nancy Woodward-Berk: Pittsburgh
Sharon Larson O’Neil: Palm Beach Florida
Victoria Cross: Windsor, ON
Kimberly Batchelor Davis: Detroit, Mich.
Marguerite Sykes: Detroit, Mich.
Audrey Festyrega: Leamington, ON
Carol Rehme: Loveland Colorado